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Copywriting in the financial industry requires not only a talent for writing but also a deep understanding of the topic at hand. Our handpicked copywriters have extensive experience in the financial industry and can therefore deliver copy that resonates with your audience. We take care of the matching and assessment process so you can focus on your strategy execution.

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Financial Services

We offer a wide range of copywriting services for the financial service industry.


Compelling ad copy for social media, display, search and all other available channels and formats.

Investment Content

Investment analysis and education.


Localisation of marketing material and website content without loss of the original quality.


SEO and conversion optimised landing pages and blog posts.

Trading Content

Trading strategy inspiration and education.

Web & Platform Content

Website and platform copy including SEO friendly blog articles to improve your website performance.

How we ensure top-class
freelancer services

Experience Screening

We screen candidates through multiple
experience sources, whereby the most proficient
and competence accurate profiles are filtered out.

Personality Evaluation

We conduct one to one interviews where the
candidates are assessed based on personality
traits and language skills.

Case Study Interview

The candidates are given a real-life business case where their copywriting skills as well as industry knowledge are assessed.

Ongoing Evaluations

We continuously rank the freelancers based on completed  assignments and prioritise candidates based on client satisfaction.


What our clients say about us

What our clients
say about us

”DigitalCoop was crucial, when scaling out marketing efforts. Finding great copywriters for complex products is hard and all candidates met were a match.”

Philipp Ströhemann

”We are very happy with the quality and speed DigitalCoop delivers freelancers. It helps us to scale our content production quickly - whenever needed.”

Jakob Gillmann

"We've generated significant new business through copywriting and localisation services provided by freelancers from DigitalCoop. High quality, competitive pricing and personal service are three key factors that make DigitalCoop our preferred freelancer provider."

Lasse Sørnes
Marketing Manager

"It is difficult to find qualified copywriters in the fintech environment. DigitalCoop helped us to find excellent copywriting freelancers, who demonstrate great expertise not only in their field of work but also in our industry."

Dr. Jörg Haller
Managing Director

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Find a top-rated freelancer or apply to become one yourself.

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Not sure what service you need to grow your business?

Not sure what service you need
to grow your business?

If you’re not certain about what kind of services you need -
reach out to us and we’ll assess your situation.

If you’re not certain about what kind of services you need - reach out to us and we’ll assess your situation.

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